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 “300 Years”is out now !

Introducing I.o.You -English

Introducing I.o.You -English
Introducing “300 Years” by I.o.You

Introducing “300 Years” by I.o.You


Message from I.o.You

「Love No Limit」

We put lots of our messages to our music and activities however the most important thing is "Love No Limit".
300 years that is very long time span, everyone who lives now, and we I.o.You...
What connects these pieces tightly is "Love".
Now that there is prenty of information that is far from the essence, and that is only transient or just enjoyable.
I.o.You selects the true essence for humanbeings, history and arts then provide them as our performande over 300 years.

I.o.You Profile

Music unit by Naoshi Tsuda and Mia Crystal started to give new concept of "Love No Limit"
in 2021 over 300 years later.

Naoshi Tsuda ( Piano&Per ) 
Mia Crystal ( Vocal&Voice )

Our huge impact message tells you about the true meaning of "Love" peacefully by providing beautiful music
to the world across times, genre and areas.

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